White Magic vs God Connection

Every soul is connected to the Creator by the Divine Cord.The Divine Cord is connected from the Crown Chakra of the person to the Causal Body of that person and from the Causal Body to the Creator.

Divine Cord on the Crown Chakra represents your connection to God. As your connection to God becomes stronger, the strength of your Divine Cord also increases.

divine-cord-and-supreme-light-pvh             divine-connection

There is another cord on the Crown coming from the Creator to the person called the Antahkarna which represents God’s connection to you. God will connect to you when God wants to use you as his instrument for some purpose; for example he may use you for the welfare of mankind such as healing, new technique of science or to bring some of his energy for reason know to creator only .

With the Prana Healing Wand you can check the size and strength of your Divine Cord and also the connection of your Antahkarna

The moment  a White Magic comes into your Crown your Divine Cord will immediately get replaced by the cord coming from guru. GOD’s connection will reduce and now a very weak link will exist between your soul and the Creator. This happens because you have by your own free will chosen these Gurus as God. Thus white magic can become the  greatest hindrance in your soul’s  spiritual path and connection to the Creator.