Black Magic

There are 4 levels of black magic and we would prefer to call the first two level Dark and Black Energy and not black magic.

  • First Level Dark Energy - May or May not have Spirit Involvement
  • Second Level Black Energy - Spirit Involvement
  • Third Level Black Magic - Spirit Involvement
  • Fourth Level Black Magic - Spirit Involvement

First Level Dark Energy

Created by very negative thoughts between two people or more that two people. These are continuous negative thoughts generated by one person or more than one person.

Example 1 : Many or one men liking a beautiful girl and she is not responding to any of these men. These men can get frustrated and disappointed and eventually the girl will receive negative energy from these men. Then she will start to experience pain in her physical body.

Example 2 : Person working very hard in the office coming to work early and going back late, getting all the promotions and praise from the management. He may or will soon receive lot of negative energy from his office staff.

Example 3 : You can have a smart child and this can cause lot of jealous energy from other family members and also at school. This child can fall sick unnecessarily.

Second Level Black Energy

This type of negative energy is generated from a person when this person goes to place of worship and starts to pray in a very negative way for somebody he does not like or for the family of that person who he does not like. As a result there would be lot of negative energy going from this place to the other person against whom the prayers were done.

Example 1 : A divorced person is praying for justice with negative emotions towards ex-husband or ex- wife.

Example 2 : A person praying for a promotion in a company where there are other people who are more eligible for that promotion. Making offering or promising offering should this person get the promotion.

Example 3 : Mother in law praying against her daughter in law or daughter in law praying against her mother in law

Third Level Black Energy

This type of black magic is done with the help of another person who is practicing some form of negative energy by invocation. Such other person can be called tantric, witch, shaman or by any other name in different parts of the world. It is usually done with picture, cloth, body parts such as hair, nails of the victim. Spirits are invoked for doing this and heavy price is paid for this ritual and can involve animal sacrifice and in ancient times even human sacrifice was done

Example 1 : For promotion in work

Example 2 : For marrying someone.

Example 3 : For mesmerizing a person or a group of people

Example 4 : For something bad to happen to the ex-life partner

Example 5 : For damaging the business of others and blocking the success of others.

Example 6 : For the intention of causing bodily harm and even killing someone.

Fourth Level Black Energy

This type of black magic is done from the spirit world. This can even come from ancestors who have been tantrics during their lifetime This black magic can come also from your past-life souls that may be present in your aura and around you.

Example 1 : Experiencing rape in your dream or even sleep which can take place in a very physical manner.

Example 2 : Souls around you sucking away your life force.

Example 3 : Ancestor souls protecting a person or family and causing harm to other people.