If you want to Organise a Session, Kindly read the followings.

Anyone who can arrange 70 or more people to attend can organise our session in any country outside Malaysia.we will try to come and teach

  • Prana Violet Healing is a Non-Profit Organization and all teachings and healings are offered free of charge everywhere in the world.
  • Prana Violet Healing cover the costs of travel and accommodation for Healing Workshop anywhere in the world.
  • The organizer of the workshop is expected not to charge the participants, the cost of holding the workshop must be discussed with Prana Violet Healing before the workshop. Prana Violet Healing can absorb full cost or part of the cost.
  • The organizer and participants shall not promote any alternative therapies or sell any product during and after the course.
  • Voluntary contribution from participants to meet the expenses of the workshop and for promotion of Prana Violet Healing can be accepted.
  • The language of instruction shall be English and if required, translation will be done in the local language of the place of workshop
  • Every effort is made to heal everyone who attends the workshop.
  • Any person over 5 years old can attend the workshop.
  • Anyone of any race or religion or socio-economic background can learn Prana Violet Healing.
  • Senior citizens who need healing are invited to attend the workshop and it would be advisable to be accompanied by a family member who can learn the technique and help to heal them later.
  • The food served at the workshop must be pure vegetarian.
  • There is no special dress code for workshop but dressing should be decent and comfortable.
  • No prior knowledge of any type of healing is required.
  • Wands and all relevant material shall be provided by us.
  • Participants must bring notebook and pen to make notes

In European Countries