Cords are energy links between two or more people. These are strong thoughts or emotions of one person towards another and can be positive or negative but generally negative thought forms will manifest as a cord. These cords may be short lived and will come only when the person is thinking of in that short span of time or can be dynamic when the other person is constantly thinking of you mostly in a negative way.

A Negative thought of divorced life partner can be a dynamic cord. If a beautiful girl visits a market place and some men find her attractive and send her lustful energy, such cords may be short lived because after sometime those men may even forget about her. Another example say wife makes some plan for weekend but husband suddenly has to go to office for urgent work, wife can send cord to husband and also to his boss but these may be a short lived cords

Sometimes cords may come from thoughts created by memories stored in the subconscious mind and the person may not be even aware of it and this thought energy will be going out towards the other person in the form of a cord. An example- cord coming to heart chakra of a 65 year old man can be from a girl whom he liked when he was 20 but never married her and over the years has even forgotten about it but that female would be still carrying that hurt in her subconscious mind and sending him cord.

Therefore cords can be sent intentionally or unintentionally and can come from people we know and at times even from people we donot know. Sometimes cords will come from dead people also for example a dead friend with whom you had some negative issue which was never resolved.

Types of Cords : can be jealousy, envy, anger, hurt , disappointment, revenge, lust, etc. can be black magic & white magic cords

Where Can Cords Can Come From

  • Family members and relatives
  • In-laws family members
  • Your Spouse
  • Your children
  • Office colleagues
  • Classmates
  • Neighbours
  • Employees
  • From his patients to a healer
  • Your competitors in work/ business
  • Ex-boyfriends/ girlfriends, ex-husband/ wife (extremely negative in most cases)
  • Males / females you reject for marriage ( esp in India in case of arranged marriages)
  • Spiritual Gurus/ Organisations/ Healers
  • Occult practitioners
  • Religious places etc

Cords Can Come To The Following Locations

  • One or more or all major chakras
  • One or more body organs
  • Any area of the physical body
  • Energy/ astral/ emotional body

Cord has a tendency to come to the Solar Chakra normally as it lies closest to the Spleen Chakra, the entry point of Prana but not always necessary. It has been observed that a cord will come to the weak parts of your body. For an example if you are already having a physical problem in the liver, the cord can easily come to the liver

Effect Of Cords On a Person

  • Physical Ailment/ Pain
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Mental Disturbance
  • Various types of Blocks

Whether cord goes out from you or comes into you, you will be adversely affected.

When you are sending out a cord it is your prana which will leave the body in the form of cord so you will become depleted in energy and chakras from where cord is going out will become disturbed and the function of organs which they control will be disrupted. Cord is a result of negative emotions and thoughts so your aura will also be disturbed and life force will be unnecessarily consumed by the negative thought patterns being created by the mind and it can make you feel agitated and stressed and can cause physical pains too

When the cord come to your chakra, it will again disturb the supply of energy to that region, block the flow of prana in the nadis and will slowly affect the whole system. If an angry cord come to you, it will create anger in you, if a lustful cord comes to you, it can create lust in you , same holds true for other emotions like sadness, anxiety, worries etc . You will start to manifest the same behavior unknowingly.

Person will become confused and frustrated and will not understand why such thoughts or emotions are controlling his mind.

If cord is lodged for a long time in a chakra/ on a body organ it can create serious physical problems,

Example 1: a cord on heart chakra for many years can result in blocks in physical heart

Example 2 : a cord on sex chakra/ uterus for many years can result in uterine cancer or block in conceiving

Example 3: a cord on pancreas may not allow patient to recover from diabetes

Cords cannot be cut or thrown to earth, sun etc because cords are negative thoughts of people directed towards to you and unless their thoughts become positive towards you, they will continue to send these cords.

You can stop these cords coming to you and affecting you if you become positive and forgiving towards these people and bless them. So you have to change within yourself.

In order to protect yourself you have to forgive others and ask forgiveness from them and very importantly to establish a strong connection with God so that God ‘s protection will automatically come to you.

Prana Violet Healing teaches how to do this.