Some Special Chakras
and Their Significance

Crown Chakra and Ajna Chakra are our higher spiritual chakras. Crown chakra connects our soul to the Creator the Supreme Light via Divine Cord while Ajna chakra is the window to the soul. Through the Ajna chakra we can communicate to the soul of the person. We must take precautions that no other connection other than God Connection should come to these two chakras and this is possible only if we follow a strict spiritual hygiene. We must not allow anyone to touch these two chakras under any circumstances. If any other energy connects here, it disconnects us with God’s energy as a result we will lose our spiritual energy and God’s protection

Spleen Chakra on the left side of the abdomen, is the ENTRY POINT OF PRANA into the body. If Energy is given to this chakra with the wand , the aura would instantly become big making the patient many times stronger and this extra energy would spread to all areas of physical and subtle body thus speeding up the healing process. In case a person is feeling very tired, depleted and low energy or is very weak after illness, charging his spleen chakra will instantly boost his energy level.

Lowermost/ Earthing Chakra is present below the feet area in the line of crown and root chakra. It is the grounding chakra through which the surplus energy not required by the body is sent to the Earth. If this chakra is blocked, the excess energy will keep moving around in the body causing energy disturbance and affecting the normal healing process.