Prana and PVH

Prana Violet Healing teaches us how to consciously increase the quantity of Prana in our body and how to use it to heal our health problems.

The Sun, the planet Earth and other stars and planets, the trees, the seas, the mountains around us – we all share our origin to one Creator and we all are family members in this universe with a profound invisible connection amongst us. Our thoughts and emotions will instantly connect us to our cosmic counterparts.

We can consciously ask for Prana from the Sun and Earth and trees for our well being and the only requirement is Gratitude and Appreciation. You can add more words that you wish to the given affirmations below

Receiving Sun Prana : Stand facing the Sun with your palms open and in any language of your choice say this affirmation.

O Divine Sun Thank you for being there for all of us, Thank you for giving light and life to all beings. Please give me some of your energy to heal me and to rejuvenate me. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Now when you measure your aura with the Wand you will find it has increased manifold

Receiving Earth Prana: Stand with your palms open and look down at Mother Earth and say the following affirmation-

O Divine Mother Earth , Thank you for being my home, thank you for giving me food, shelter and water. Please give me some of your energy to heal me and rejuvenate me. Thank you thank you Thank you

On measuring with the wand you will find a big increase in size of aura

Receiving Prana from trees : You must ask for prana from big trees and to do so stand with palms open near the tree looking at it and say the following affirmation-

O Divine tree We both are divine creation, come to you for your help to heal me. Please give me some of your excess energy to heal me and rejuvenate me and to heal my ……… ( eg headache, backache etc) . ( wait for 5 mins ) Thank you Thank you Thank you

You must ask for Excess Energy from trees otherwise the trees will give all their energy and may eventually become depleted itself or life force and may die. You will find your pain has gone away.

Receiving Cosmic prana : When cosmic connection is established, abundance of Cosmic prana will flow through the crown chakra into the body. Certain words can activate this flow of prana . It has been found that when a person says I AM THAT I AM , the aura instantly become very very big. ‘I am That I am’ means I am the soul – the moment you recognize your true self and say this statement , your soul immediately connects to the Supreme God allowing a lot of divine energy to flow into you.

Prana from Food and PVH : Food contains prana. Each type of fruit and vegetable has its own prana which it gets from the sun. We can check with the wand what colour prana a fruit holds. If a fruit has a lot of blue prana , it means it is good for throat, if yellow prana, it would be good for digestive system and likewise.

Cooked food holds a lot of emotional energy of the person who cooks it, if cook is sad and depressed, this sad energy will get transferred to the food he is cooking and the person who eats that food will be affected negatively. We can clean such kind of negative energy of food with the PHW.

Prana from Water and PVH: water has the capacity to absorb energy of words and emotions. With the wand we can check the energy of water, negative energy can be removed and changed into positive by blessing the water with love and gratitude. Wand can also be used to clean the negative energy of water and to fill water with positive and healing energy.

Prana from Air and PVH: PVH teaches four types of breathing – Simple Breathing, Prana Breathing, Yogi Breathing and Balanced Breathing . When these breathing exercises are done, lot of prana will flow in and get absorbed by the chakras and get distributed to the entire body. The balanced breathing is an effective way to heal migraine as it balances the energy of the left and right side brain. During all breathing techniques the tongue must touch the palate, roof of the mouth.