Prana Healing

Prana Healing which is done in 4 simple steps as follows

  • Aura Cleansing
  • Ida Pingala Balancing
  • Finding Cords and Removing them and Conditioning the Chakras
  • Healing at the required area

Aura Cleansing

This technique would clean the aura of any harmful energy, energy toxins or unwanted energies which are attached to aura. The Healing Wand will remove only the negative energy and keep all the positive energy in the aura. Once the aura is clean, natural energy will flow smoothly and rectify any problems in the physical body. The body will begin to heal and rejuvenate itself.

To Clean the aura Stand before the patient and then take at least 3 big steps backwards away from the patient. Think of the person as a big board.

Hold the Healing Wand high in your hand and focusing on the person, make horizontal movements starting from top, left to right and right to left as if you were erasing a blackboard. Slowly zig zag down when you reach the waist, bend/ lower the wand slightly without bending yourself and clean the lower aura and now go up in a similar fashion and back to the top. This would complete 1 round of aura cleansing

Aura is all around the body extending above the head and going down below the feet. Therefore, Aura has to be cleaned on all 4 sides of the body- front, back, left side and right side

The wand should always face the patient when doing aura cleansing.

Balancing Ida - Pingala - Sushumna Nadis

It cleans and balances the flow of energy in the three main Nadis: Pingala Nadi, Ida Nadi and Sushumna Nadi . It removes blocks from these nadis so that the energy can freely and smoothly flow through the entire nadi network enabling the body to heal faster and stay healthy

Healer stand behind the patient and with right hand going over the right shoulder of patient, hold the wand at the ajna chakra about 3 inches away from the body, slowly move over the right eyebrow making a semicircle till you come behind the right ear, stop and now go down in a straight line on the right side of the spine moving on pingala nadi till the level of tailbone.

Here move left and making a U-turn, now move upwards along the left side of the spine on the ida nadi till you reach behind the left ear and stop.Now turn the wand in a semi circle over the left eyebrow and stop at the ajna.

This completes 1 round of pingala and ida balancing. Repeat 3 times.

After 3 rounds, keep the wand at ajna and move the wand over the head along the central line down the spine till the tailbone and go back along the same route and stop at ajna.

This is 1 round of Sushumna balancing. Repeat 3 times .

This completes the process of Ida-Pingala-Sushumna Balancing ( nadi balancing)

IMPORTANT: The symbol on the wand must always face the body.

Finding and Removing Cords and
Conditioning the Chakras

Before checking for cords, ask the patient to read Forgiveness Affirmation – Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as per the applicability after which we check for cords. Forgiveness Affirmation is to be read for all concerned persons whether living or dead.

Place the wand near the Solar Chakra and check the Energy of Solar Chakra.

  • If it stops at the same length as the Energy Body it would mean chakra energy is fine.
  • If it stops at a distance less than the Energy Body, it would mean chakra is depleted or chakra has low energy.
  • If it is moving beyond 10 feet ask in your mind – is this a cord- if it still moves it indicates a cord. If it stops it would indicate No cord but only a block in the chakra.

We check all chakras in a similar fashion in the order - Solar, Heart, Navel, Throat, Sex, Brow / Ajna, Root and Crown. If a cord is found on the chakra find out if cord is coming in or going out from the energy body.

Identify the person involved and ask patient to read relevant Forgiveness Affirmation for that person. Check the energy of chakra again and if no cord now, you need to condition the chakra.

Wherever the wand stops beyond the energy body, show the healing side to that chakra and start healing the chakra by moving the wand in a circular clockwise motion 5 times then stopping and showing at the centre of Chakra to the count of 5, repeating this cycle a few times moving towards the patient. Check chakra again. The energy should be same as the Energy Body. If not then repeat this process till the energy of Chakra becomes equal to the length of Energy Body.

Now check the size of the chakra. The size may be too big, repeat above process by making circle of the same diameter as the chakra’s diameter and slowly reduce the size of circle with each cycle. Check size after 3 rounds of healing. Do till the chakra size does not change anymore after above doing the above cycle. That would be the normal size of that chakra.

Healing at the required area

After the chakras have been conditioned, ask the patient where he has pain or which body organ needs to be healed. If he has pain at a particular point check the energy of that point and if the energy is unequal to Energy body then start healing that point following the same procedure as in chakra healing. But here you have to make very small circular motion with the wand. Similarly healing is done for organs eg. pancreas in case of diabetic patient, stomach in case of acidity patient, pituitary gland in case of hormonal imbalance etc.

Finally the energy of the painful area or the energy of particular organ must become equal to the length of energy body

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