Uses of wand for Prana Violet Healing

Sensing the Aura

  • Energy Body
  • Astral / Emotional Body
  • Mental Body


  • The negative emotions in the aura
  • The energy of chakras to identify blocked or depleted chakras
  • The size of chakras to identify overactivated or under activated chakras
  • The energy of the painful/ diseased area
  • The cords on chakras or affected body part

Prana Healing

Prana Healing with the wand is done in four simple steps as follows

  • Cleaning the aura.
  • Balancing Ida-Pingala- Sushumna nadis
  • Finding and removing cords and Conditioning Chakras.
  • Healing the required area.

Other Uses Of Wand

  • To Energise water with Prana
  • To Clean Medicines
  • To Clean coffee, tea and beer before drinking
  • To Clean and remove negative energy from food
  • To Clean negative energy of homes, offices etc.

Requirements For Wand

  • No cleaning
  • No need to recharge
  • No need to be programmed or reprogrammed
  • No need to say any mantra
  • No need of any kind of Meditation
  • No need to connect to the Universal Energy
  • No need of initiation/ attunement

Rules For Wand

As such there are no rules for the wand

  • Take it anywhere
  • Keep it anywhere
  • Share with anyone