This initiative is from PVH volunteers/teachers of India

All kind of Denominations accepted!

Dear PVH friends..

All of us here know how PVH has healed us in different ways in many years for FREE.

You may be aware that a Prana Violet Healing centre was initiated in Maduranthakam, Chennai, India, on 14th Jan 2022 where Siva sir's vision is to bring a 5-meter size Borobudur replica and just by sitting near it and doing forgiveness and blessing, a person's negative energies shall neutralize. It is going to be a bigger portal to bring divine energy.

borobudur replica

So we are planning to raise funds for the construction of the PVH Wellness and Holistic Center in India.

It has been sensed that Rs. 3,400 will be the development cost per sq.ft. You can contribute as per sq ft also. PVH plans to construct only 10,000 sq.ft of area.

It's a request to all of the followers/beneficiaries that we contribute as much as we can for building this PVH centre in India, which shall help so many generations to be free from dark energies. Your donations will benefit with 80g IT Act. Also, a receipt of payment will be given to all.

We all know... whatever we give, comes back to us.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Details of bank for donations


Account Number: 59134909034185

IFSC: HDFC0000688


Account Type: SAVING

Google Pay - 8903458098 - Prana Violet healing trust.